Of Two Minds, Stages 1​-​2: The Ape And The Cage

by In The Presence of Wolves

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released June 30, 2017

In The Presence Of Wolves is:
Chris Capitanio – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jim Ellis – Rhythm Guitar
Mason Ingling – Drums
Vini Stamato – Lead Vocals, Bass, Piano on “As We Speak”

Produced, engineered, & mixed by Kevin Antreassian
Additional vocal engineering & production by Gabriel Francis
Additional mixing by Jonathan Maisto
Recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Cover art by Christopher McKenney
Album layout and design by Jeffrey V Daniels

All songs written, arranged, & performed by In The Presence Of Wolves



all rights reserved


In The Presence of Wolves Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: As We Speak (Part 1)
The voices in your head are calling
And this you swear to me is true
Is there something you wanted from me that I can’t see?

These creatures on your skin are crawling
And yes you swear your fear is true
Endlessly referencing cold machines that I can’t see

The bitter sweet thing is
That as we speak I'm leaving
To bear your burdens here on your own
It's better you than me

And as we're speaking
The bitter sweet thing is
You lie in bed hearing these voices
That no one ever hears
These meds will help you through

When I was younger, I'd sympathize with him
And tell him secrets of my loaded mind
And on the day he walked away, left me behind
I cried
My brother stayed locked in his room
Tell me is he a good man
Is this all just a clever stunt?
Can you help me to understand?
The day we’re waiting for may never come.
This patient lives in isolation
It's just a figment of his mind
Track Name: The One Who Fell To Earth
Silly sleeping siren cuddled safe under your covers
These are my last words so don't even bother to write
To call while you're wandering on the road
Writing your words for something unknown
To anyone anywhere, you pray that they hear you
These are my last steps so I'm sorry if I wake you
Stuck inside your mind though I'm saying my goodbyes
These words will be my epitaph as my face shatters on the ground

Humor me with your humanity since you claim to be 100% human

Think of something tragic let it slow your pulse
Then ask yourself why in your mind the thought arose
And I feel the love


Me and my sick mind, they with their sick thoughts
Ever intertwined never asking why
Keep your eyes wide never let them close
Track Name: White Noise
What if I told you that all of the stars in the sky couldn’t replace your eyes
While you're looking down on me? Yeah
And what would you do if I said that your mind left you blind?
Practically took your eyes and I
Realize these are the last words I'll say to you

So, please excuse me if I smile, we haven't seen you in a while
And frankly the last time we spoke, you could reply

Take me down from the inside You're already in my head
Cut my throat and leave me for dead inside
You're already in my head of things are better left unsaid on the inside

So please excuse me if I ramble We haven't spoken in a while
And though your lips stay still I can here you reply
Tell me what’s on your mind and I'll believe you if it takes the pain

And if I ever dream again Take me back to where I used to be
Because I'm hearing these little words
They've been coming in the same soft white noise it's getting worse

It's getting worse and harder to know

Now this might take some time to see if it really works
This might take some time so show me where it hurts
This might take some time to see if it really works
This might take some time so show me

(And maybe it's fine to believe in the metaphysical and tales of the afterlife, but aren't these just tales presenting us with assurances that we can’t give ourselves? I can't prove or disprove any of this All I know is that I haven’t closed my eyes since he lept and all I hear is static)

Track Name: The Ape And The Cage
And yet here I sit in the hall
Drawing his face as he fell to the earth
So I'm boarded up

And tell me did the glass on his skin
Pierce him the same way his voice still rings in my ears?
I keep that to myself Someone might hear me

Keep your eyes open now for there might be something to see

And yet here I sit in a world
Accepting this lie but I’m wanting another
Everyone talks enough

My back feels cold on this wall
Your breath keeps me warm as you breathe down the nape of my neck
And I've felt enough Boy, take this from me
If you were really me, you'd be dead already

Nurse tie him to the chair
Let no one interfere
Now keep this hallway clear
I'm the doctor here

His pupils dilate
Like no ones I have seen
His heart will regulate
As soon as he can dream

This man's a mess I swear
And prone to misbehave
There is no question here
That this one I can save

This is my last breath
But I never could forgive myself
Waking up in bed so I may never speak a word
How could you do this to yourself?

Keep your eyes closed tight
There's nothing here to see

I feared them when I was young
Now they've become much stronger than me
Bound to hold these secrets close
Don't let them see what I have done

Don't call me crazy I'm an
Ape inside a cage
They sit in excess as my
mind disintegrates
These creatures on my arms
Are peeling back the skin
I’m trapped inside this hell
The pain inside me lives

I could never see this failure that was set for me.
There nothing here to see


Your voice gets louder as I wake
Can I find you here as my body fades?
Nothing stays the same
Can I lay my head down next to you?


I'm on my own.
Track Name: M.U.A. (Manipulation Under Anesthesia)
Wait until the drugs kick in

But you're the only one here
And I feel so scared
You’re the only one here
So I can't wait for

Please rewind to where I find my
Peace of mind for right now I’m lost and
Confined and left behind in here.

Strip these thoughts of normalcy from your mind

I feel bad thoughts creeping in
My life begins again though
This is just the first attempt
His face flashes before both my eyes

Something crawls on my skin
The voices leave my head but
This is just the first attempt
Take me back to when he was still alive

This is how it ought to feel but
This is just his first attempt
Force the image out behind both my eyes

And who was really there?
Tell me all their lies
Cause I can save you

With all these things that I've said
I'll make them exist in your head
But all these things that I do
I could do to you

How would you feel if I took out both your eyes?

Tell me the things that he's said
I'll let the sickness spread
See all the things that I do
I can do to you

How will you feel when his voice finally dies?

Tell me things that I can’t hear and
Only you can hear and others fear but
Help them live their lives


But you're the only one here
And I feel so scared
You’re the only one here
And I can't wait for

Wait until the drugs kick in
Can you feel them?